Can you buy medical drugs online?

Using some common sense should tell you that buying some prescription online medical drugs can not only be risky, but illegal. Some drugs offered online in foreign countries may have never been approved by the FDA. On the other hand, you can buy medical drugs on line from several large American pharmacies, and because of the cost, convenience, and often free shipping, it’s become very popular; having health insurance makes it even easier. Many seniors and those who live in areas that are remote, perhaps miles from any local pharmacy, and unable, for one reason or another, to travel, are usually the annuitants of online purchases.

Before you buy medical drugs online, if you are not familiar with the source of the purchase, you can always get a list of licensed pharmacies that are reputable and have been approved. For your sake, safety means dealing with a licensed pharmacist who can answer any questions and/or provide contact information if problems should arise. It should also be noted that more than half of all pharmacies offering medical drugs online are located outside the United States.

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Canada has always been a haven for online non-prescription and prescription medical drugs. Many senior men and women enjoy the convenience of having the drugs shipped to a convenient P. O. Box for privacy, as well as paying half the cost of the same drugs offered in the USA. Of course, for legal reasons, a valid doctor prescription is required, and their free shipping, 100 percent return policy, and guaranteed low costs, keeps them busy. Caution should always be taken if you buy medical drugs online. The drugs sold may be expired, manufactured in a garage someplace with sub-standard facilities, and contain dangerous ingredients. But you should always exercise extra scrutiny in buying drugs online.